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Communists to political terrorists in the heart of Europe
The unfortunate story of our torn little country, Hungary, didn’t begin in the present century as it did for Slovakia, the extremely chauvinist neighbour state. They recently codified a counter-Hungarian language act that banned Hungarian language from offices. Also, in the past few months revolting trials were held against patriotic Hungarians.

The Youth Movement of 64 Counties (Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom - HVIM) announced an event for 6th June, 2009 with the usual, peaceful Trianon commemoration. In 1920, our country was maimed: two thirds of its area and 3 millions of its citizens were taken by neighbouring countries. The announced commemoration was banned, though you only have an obligation to report the event to police because of traffic control. There was no point in arranging it someplace else, as that one got just as well banned. It’s quite puzzling since faggots every year can have one of the busiest street of Budapest, while patriots are banned from smaller side streets. Police representatives made it clear: if we make the event, they will brutally smash it. And why would they do it? Because votings for EP representatives were held the following day and it would have looked nice that in evening news the „extreme right made some trouble again”.

On 8th April, 2009 four men were arrested who were regularly seen on national events. They were accused of attempting an assassination of socialist politicians and being members of the Hungarian's Arrow National Emancipator Army (Magyarok Nyilai Nemzeti Felszabadító Hadsereg). Patriotic individuals started to gather money to help the accused four, who clearly couldn’t expect a clear, truthful trial. One of the activists gathering money was György Budaházy (a co-worker of Szent Korona Rádió) who entered the Teve-street Police Headquarters on 17th, June in order to arrange upcoming demonstrations but they arrested and accused him of terrorism and two-fold preparations of murder. Home Secretary Tibor Draskovics announced that leaders of Hungarian's Arrow (Magyarok Nyilai) are in jail and so terrorism in Hungary is wiped out. Independent experts claim that there has never been terrorism in the country and György Budaházy has never been a terrorist.

The Jobbik Party gained 15% of the EP votes. On 2nd, July the jury dismissed the Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda) Association established by Jobbik. The jury of the illegitimate republic1 claimed that they will pursue members of Hungarian Guard.

The Youth Movement of 64 Counties (HVIM) arranged a sympathy demonstration on Liberty square (Szabadság tér) with the motto „Freedom for political prisoners!” But obviously, this event got banned as well without any legal reasons. Demonstrations were rearranged but police squads appeared everywhere, checked IDs and deliberately obstructed people. Members of the banned Hungarian Guard were demonstrating (sitting on the ground) peacefully but police used tear gas against them and also arrested many (216 people altogether) including Jobbik President Gabor Vona. Eye witnesses claim that one of the demonstrators died. Mainstream media started claiming that extreme rightist demonstrators savagely attacked policemen.

Considering the above mentioned, we can claim that terrorists do exist in Hungary but they are to fin din the government and its surroundings. You can start looking at Chancellor of the Exchequer János Veres and Home Secretary Tibor Draskovics who attempted to place drugs in the car of reporters of HírTv (News television) because they made a revealing report on them.

Unfortunately all Hungary-related news are translated by the politically influenced MTI for international media. Unfortunately there are lots of cases when news full of lies were translated in English containing even more rubbish. If you have any question or comment, we gladly stand by for your service on

The form of government in Hungary has never been republic. Our thousand-year-old constitution was replaced as a result of Soviet pressure, and it is still in force with minor changes. We, on the national side, claim that one of our main goals is to restore the original constitution in a modified form so as it fits current times.

(Szent Korona Rádió,

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